Most people tell you what you want or need to hear. Very few tell you the truth. It’s not often that there are no hidden intentions behind someone’s words. So when you are a skeptic like me, words that seem “too good to be true” have very little meaning.

I have tried to explain this to my partner and friends many times. Actions and reactions show me more than just words. I know it is not fair on honest people in my life to doubt their words, but can you blame me?

With the issues i wrote in my post “being ‘positive’ made me a fool”. I addressed the matter with my partner and the next day he had a lot to say about it. Promises that i was all he wanted, he wouldn’t leave me, and he is in this for all the right reasons. I can’t tell if it was sincere or just a means to make me feel “better”. i requested actions to follow his words. I asked him to show me that he means what he says and that i am all he wants. Prove to me that when he comments about other girls and says how he wants them is not really how he feels and to obviously stop doing it.

I am not sure what actions will prove his words are true, but i sure hope they are more than just words this time….