I can’t stand the idea of abandonment or rejection. Loneliness eats at me like a rodent devouring  garbage.‎ However I some how still find myself avoiding long durations of companionship. My feelings towards the presences of others is inconsistent and completely unpredictable. 

There are days where I can be in someone’s company for hours, and be at ease. Then there are other moments where I can’t stand to be around others. The thought itself brings bouts of anxiety and a combination of negative emotions.

This makes absolutely no sense! I get along with many different types of people, yet some days I can’t stand anyone’s presence?!

It’s becoming a cause for concern and irritation due to the pregnancy. We live in a full house and with that comes a lot of “baby” attention. I feel as though I’m being rude by soaking in my own presence and thoughts when others are around. My partner is noticing the distance I put between myself and others. I’m putting out the sense that I am unhappy with our living situation which is false. I’m not sure how to be more social constantly…