For all those out there suffering from a mental illness, you have probably also experienced the need for unconditional love. A love that doesn’t flinch at your faults, our doubt its place in your life when you lose track of your own place. God has blessed me with such a love through my partner.

I have been down and out lately and in need of that “i feel special”moment. Yesterday I received just that. When we went to the doctors to find out the baby’s gender, only daddy-to-be was informed on the outcome. He wanted to do something special for the gender reveal and I must say, he did just that. He placed several balloons in a giant decorated box. When I opened it up, BLUE balloons came floating out. I was then showered with baby boy gifts and we went for a lovely dinner. I know this time is all about baby and so was yesterday but making it so special and such a admirable surprise for ME really meant alot to me. Made me realize how blessed i am to have him in my life.

With the lack of support and care from my own family, having his treasure me so much really makes a difference in my life. I guess this post is just a way for me to share how grateful i am and remind others that if you look you will find that God has blessed you too.

On another note: finding out that it is a little boy puts my mind at ease for some strange reason. I never put much thought into whether i wanted a boy or girl, just knew i wanted a baby. I would’ve been happy either way. After the realization that it is a little boy kicked in, i started to think about it for the first time. Having a son as my first child could possibly end up being a lot easier for me to cope with. I am 100% confident that God will always provide for my child, and always help me to be who i need to be for my child. I have no more fears about motherhood. All i feel now is pure excitement and ecstasy. Just +/-138 days till i meet my little boy. I can’t wait!!!