The world can be such a cruel and harsh place, but then there is nature. One of the benefits of living in South Africa is our beautiful flora. Everywhere you look there is aesthetically stimulating scenery, even in my small town.

When I lose myself to my darker dismal side as I have the past few days, nature is where I find myself again. It somehow magically brings about a sense of tranquility and comfort for me.

The trees gently dancing in the wind, giving me a sense of hope. Reminding me that just as the seasons change, so does life. What is desolate today like a shrub in the winter can miraculously start blooming beautiful flowers tomorrow. So though things seem gloomy now, they will get brighter.

Oh and that warm breeze pressing against my skin, giving me that hug I so desperately needed. Nothing quite as comforting. Even when it’s not there and the rain is instead. The smell of the freshness and wet grass brings a feeling of renewal. As if all fears, troubles and mistakes can be simply washed away.

I often go sit by a stream nearby and listen to the water flow over the rocks as I admire its grace and energy. It never stops moving, even when there is a rock in its way, it builds up over time and overcomes it. It’s truly inspirational. I try to almost absorb its perseverance. It’s not always easy to keep going and overcome obstacles especially with a mental illness, but if even water doesn’t give up neither should I. Just as the rocks become a simply contour of the stream, I hope to someday have my current life obstacles just be something that changed my direction a little once but never stopped me.

Life can be so lonely at times, even when you are surrounded by people. It’s just one of those phenomenal tricks of the mind. Out in nature though, there is always a sense of companionship. From the larger more dominant wildlife down to the tiny creatures, they all play a role. It’s nice to have companionship that reminds you that no matter who you are, you are important in some way. Everything plays a role as do all of us… even someone as broken as me.

Today this is where I’ll find some happiness. It almost always works…